The BYN is a place where caring adults are helping students realize that following Jesus is the best and most exciting life possible. Please explore our site to learn more about our programs, people and purpose.

Our Mission

To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to youth and to assist those who are committed to Jesus Christ with opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship so that they may mature in their personal relationship with Him.


Areas of Current Ministry



Through relationships we communicate the love of Christ to teenagers and college students. Just as Jesus incarnationally entered our world to show us the love of His Father, we enter the world of students to demonstrate that same love.  The BYN is a community based organization that involves leaders who fill the roles of teacher, mentor and coach in the lives of teenagers and young adults.  At this age young people are on the front end of all of life’s major decisions. During this time, the love of Christ can make an enduring impact in an individual’s life, society, and culture for generations to come.