Club is what we call our outreach events.  Club happens on Long Island at the Oasis Youth Center.  Students in 9th-12th grade come after school for a fun time full of food, games, entertainment, singing, and a short message about the Gospel.  Club is a high energy, fun-filled time where teens get to hang out with friends and adult leaders and see that Christianity is anything but boring.  Club is the best place for kids who are unchurched, rebellious, and curious about Jesus Christ.


G2 stands for "growth groups."  At G2 you will find groups of teenagers gathering with leaders for small group discussions.   At G2 we talk about how to follow Christ and live out your faith in the real world.  This is the place where relationships are deepened and kids find the strength and encouragement to live as Christ's disciples.  Of course, we also play a bit together and eat cookies...but who wouldn't?!


On Long Island G2 meets at the Oasis Youth Center.  In Nassau, G2 gatherings take place in the youth room @ St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk downtown.


G1, which is our jr. high version of this, has sprouted up in Abaco.

Student Leadership

Student leadership team exists for students who have been involved in G2 and want to put their faith into action by serving their peers.  Student leaders meet monthly for discipleship and team initiative challenges.  The rest of the month they are assisting as G2 small group leaders, cooking food, preparing skits, music, av, and other logistics for Club, and inviting their friends to get involved.  Students are also given opportunities for local mission and international mission trips when available.  Our hope is that this may be the beginning of a lifelong commitment to service and leadership.



Camping and Conferences

Camping is a part of the BYN's ministry.  When you give a student the opportunity to get out of their everyday environment, they are sometimes able to breathe freely and see things from a different perspective.  Every summer BYN groups from around the Bahamas take students to Camp Bahamas in Eleuthera.  At camp, students often make life changing decisions and develop great new friendships. 


Soccer day camps are run throughout the summer in Nassau as a sports outreach to high school students.


Leadership retreats take place in Nassau at the end of each summer and UB students are afforded opportunities to attend conferences in the States during the winter.