BYN Campus Club

The Bahamas Youth Network is an official campus club at the University of the Bahamas.  Students can get involved on campus by joining a myriad of G3 groups, a youth ministry training course, or serving teens with the BYN in the nearby area.


G3 is the BYN's name for college age growth groups.  A number of G3 groups meet at the University of the Bahamas and at the the dorms.  G3 gives college students a chance to build relationships and develop community all while growing to know God and His Word more.  

City Lights

The BYN works in partnership with other organizations to provide a young adult worship and fellowship time called City Lights.  Together with 4WallsDown, Full Life Outreach and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk, the BYN helps coordinate a large gathering of young adults once a month at St. Andrew's Kirk.  Students help plan, organize, and lead the evening.  It has become a hub of enthusiastic Christ followers who are spurred on by the time they share together in God's Word, in worship, and in great fellowship time together.

Youth Ministry Training

The BYN is proactive in training, mentoring, and equipping college students who want to serve in youth ministry leadership.  These students are committed to growing spiritually and in relational ministry skills.  College students serve as small group leaders for high school G2 groups, assist with running summer programs in the communities, lead the UB campus club, and lead G3 groups on the university campus.