When students come from not just Long Island but all over the country to attend college in Nassau, BYN leaders are here to meet them.  BYN leaders help college students navigate the waters of faith through these crucial years.  BYN college students don't just sit in Bible study groups, most of them are student led, and many of them also serve in the BYN's ministry to teens in Bain and Grants Town and the Ranfurly Home.  

BYN Staff

Jude Vilma serves as the Ministry Coordinator in Nassau.

The Bahamas Youth Network has a partnership with the Milagros Foundation, which affords students scholarship money for college in exchange for leadership involvement in ministry.  Students are mentored by staff, participate in training, and give many hours to service in leading teens and college students in Nassau.  In the 2019-2020 school year there were 5 Milagros interns.